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Agewell’s Winter Initiative “SPREAD THE WARMTH”


Agewell’s Winter Initiative “SPREAD THE WARMTH”

For Destitute Older Persons
Agewell Foundation has initiated “Spread The Warmth” campaign to ensure no needy & destitute old person is deprived of warmth this year. Agewell has already started the process of mobilizing donation & collection of old/used woolens from across Delhi & NCR & distribution of woolens amongst poor & needy older persons.
Ironically, every year thousands of old, destitute and poor people die of the cold in India. On the other hand, most of us let our old woolens lie in cupboards and suitcases, unused. Agewell appeals to socially inclined individuals and socially responsible organizations to come forward and join hands with Agewell’s initiative.
Over the years, Agewell has been doing this collection from amongst its regular contributors. However with every passing year the demand for woolens is increasing (probably because of combined issue of increasing number of old people and relentless inflation) and the collection levels have been limited.

Agewell's Symposium

Under the Series of Symposiums on Needs and Rights of Older Persons
26th November, 2010
Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi

Let's Enjoy Old Age ...


Agewell Counsellor with 100-year-old lady

WILL power

Death of husband and head of family is DISASTER for any Indian Family. In many homes, children have left the nest and settled outside the city and/or working abroad. All relatives who come generally leave after the fourth day. It is then that the widow realizes the problems she is going to face when alone.
This note has been prepared with the fond hope that husband when alive, will take certain actions, which considerably reduces the chances of harassment after wife becomes widow.   In this respect sensible FINANCIAL PLANNING can be crucial.

Anticipating a tragedy may be one of the most important bits of financial planning a wife can do.  Thinking ahead to protect yourself and your children in the event of a disaster, while perhaps emotionally difficult, need not take a great deal of time or be very complicated nor very costly unlike in USA, and you could someday be very grateful you did it.



Media Reports on Agewell's Survey - "Changing Trends of Old Age"


Survey On Depression in Old Age

Survey conducted by Agewell Research & Advocacy Centre  (for Needs & Rights of Older Persons)
September 2010
Quotations by Some of the old people who were interviewed
Brij Bhushan Sharma and Shaymla Sharma, both in their 80’s are forced to live alone in their quite big house located at Greater Kailash. Their sons are settled abroad. They hardly visit them, even for months; they could not talk to their sons and grandchildren. Money is not a problem for them at all, besides their good income from their investments; their sons too send money for them.But due to loneliness and isolation they have been facing depression for years. Both of them suffering from multiple diseases and have to visit their doctors almost every day.
On the other hand a 75-year-old lady Harjeet Kaur, who lived in a traditional joint family of 8 members, feel also suffering from depression syndrome. She says, “I had worked hard for the welfare of my children and even grand-children, but now they have no time for …

Agewell Booklet on "Depression in Old Age"

To view complete booklet, click here

Today's Paper » NATIONAL » NEW DELHI September 14, 2010 Inside delhiMadhur Tankha Guiding the elderly To ensure a better life for senior citizens, non-government organisation Agewell Foundation has prepared a booklet on depression focusing on symptoms and causes. Titled “Depression in Old Age”, it offers a guide to the causes of depression in old age, its symptoms and ways to overcome it. 
The Foundation has recommended possible treatment and solutions to help depressed people. Through its helpline for older persons, it receives hundreds of distress calls from senior citizens daily. It has found that 80 per cent of senior citizens in Delhi and the National Capital Region are facing problems like loneliness, isolation and little interaction with family members/relatives/friends. The majority of older persons were found to be depressed for more than one reason. 

Agewell 's Symposium OLD AGE : A BOON OR A CURSE

Symposium-cum-Interactive Session  on  OLD AGE : A BOON OR A CURSE
Under the Series of Symposiums on Needs & Rights of Older Persons at  Gulmohar Hall, INDIA HABITAT CENTRE on  10th September, 2010


DHAROHAR - Keep Your WILL in Safe Custody

Latest Initiative of Agewell Foundation Every one must write his/her Will so that his/her dependants, relatives, friends or any other close could avail legacy  (inheritance benefits).
This is advisable by the law.  This is also the law of nature. Inheritance when distributed by the owner to inheritor, not only gives immense satisfaction to the lawful owner it also leads to a harmonious and peaceful life for the inheritors.
At Agewell Helpline we are constantly asked to keep their Will in safe custody. So far we have only advised old people to write their will, but now Agewell has started an innovative scheme to extend a helping hand to old people in the name of Dharohar – Keep Your WILL in Safe Custody”.
Why Dharohar for Older Persons?
Writing a Will and keeping it in a safe custody is need of the hour. It has been seen that when family members and relatives of old people came to know of his/her Will details, they make it a bone of contention. This leads to family quarrels and tension in t…

Symposium on 14th Aug. at India Habitat Centre

On Intergenerational Values under the Series of Symposiums on Needs & Rights of Older Persons

Study on Changing Mindset of Older persons Towards Legal Justice

Medial Reports 

Hindustan Times

The Hindu

Mail Today

Agewell's Symposium on CURSE OF ELDER ABUSE

Symposium-cum-Interactive Session on
CURSE OF ELDER ABUSE at 6:30 p.m. On Saturday, the 17th July, 2010
Venue: Gulmohar Hall India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi (Preferred Entry from Gate No. 3)
Agewell cordially invites you to
Symposium-cum-Interactive Session

Join us to advocate for Needs
and Rights of  Older Persons!
CURSE OF ELDER ABUSE (A symposium by Agewell Foundation on 17th July 2010)
Indian society is the only society, where people bless their dear ones with blessings like “live for 100 years”, ”May god add my years to your life”, “May god bless you with 100 years of health and happiness”, etc. In India Old Age is a great Celebration in itself. Even today the concept of Elder Abuse is difficult to comprehend in Indian circumstances. But unfortunately it has become an ugly fact of life even in our society.
Elder abuse, the mistreatment and torture of older people, a manifestation of the timeless phenomenon of inter-personal violence is prevalent in Indian families too. T…

Press Release about Agewell’s Symposium

Agewell’s Symposium on “Curse of ELDER ABUSE”
Agewell Foundation, an NGO dedicated towards the welfare of Older Persons across the country, dedicated its forthcoming Symposium to the older persons suffering from elder abuse. Its Symposium-cum-Interactive Session titled as “Curse of ELDER ABUSE” will take place on 17th July 2010 at Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Center,Lodi Road, New Delhi from 6:30 p.m. onwards.
The interaction in the symposium will cover the Old Age related problems and their possible solutions. Eminent representatives and experts from every walk of societywill participate in the session as speakers and share their views on the subject.
This symposium is an attempt by Agewell to sensitize the leaders, policy makers in particular and the society & other opinion makers in general to come together and raise their voice to empower the senior citizens of our country. The problems faced by the aged members of our society can neither be understated nor ignored; they need t…