Agewell Booklet on "Depression in Old Age"

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Guiding the elderly

To ensure a better life for senior citizens, non-government organisation Agewell Foundation has prepared a booklet on depression focusing on symptoms and causes. Titled “Depression in Old Age”, it offers a guide to the causes of depression in old age, its symptoms and ways to overcome it. 

The Foundation has recommended possible treatment and solutions to help depressed people. Through its helpline for older persons, it receives hundreds of distress calls from senior citizens daily. It has found that 80 per cent of senior citizens in Delhi and the National Capital Region are facing problems like loneliness, isolation and little interaction with family members/relatives/friends. The majority of older persons were found to be depressed for more than one reason. 

According to Agewell Foundation founder chairman Himanshu Rath, depression is quite common among people, particularly the elderly: “It is a major social challenge that cannot and should not be ignored. However, to fight depression in old age, both the suffering older persons and the family members need to join hands and work together to bring back the golden happy times.”

The booklet on depression is being distributed free by the Foundation on request by sending a mail to agewellfoundation@ or can be downloaded from
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