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DHAROHAR - Keep Your WILL in Safe Custody

Latest Initiative of Agewell Foundation Every one must write his/her Will so that his/her dependants, relatives, friends or any other close could avail legacy  (inheritance benefits).
This is advisable by the law.  This is also the law of nature. Inheritance when distributed by the owner to inheritor, not only gives immense satisfaction to the lawful owner it also leads to a harmonious and peaceful life for the inheritors.
At Agewell Helpline we are constantly asked to keep their Will in safe custody. So far we have only advised old people to write their will, but now Agewell has started an innovative scheme to extend a helping hand to old people in the name of Dharohar – Keep Your WILL in Safe Custody”.
Why Dharohar for Older Persons?
Writing a Will and keeping it in a safe custody is need of the hour. It has been seen that when family members and relatives of old people came to know of his/her Will details, they make it a bone of contention. This leads to family quarrels and tension in t…

Symposium on 14th Aug. at India Habitat Centre

On Intergenerational Values under the Series of Symposiums on Needs & Rights of Older Persons