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A Short Moral Story on “Caring for the Old”  Swati Gupta Articles  In olden times our country had the joint family system. It was a nice system. Under this system the needs of all age groups in the family were looked after very carefully. It took good care of the children, the young and the old alike, without any reservation or any kind of pressure or pain to anybody. The old looked after and loved the children, while the young respected and served the old.
In modern times due to the urbanization and the job requirement of the young people the ideal family system had gradually broken down. The people are following western countries and nuclear family system is fast coming up leaving the old people helpless and neglected.
In search of employment the young people are forced to leave their ancestral houses which their parents and forefathers had built with the seat of their brow. They live in rented houses in c…

90% older persons abused by family members - Agewell

On the occasion of  World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Announced by UN
Indian society is the only society, where people bless their dear ones with blessings like “live for 100 years”, ”May god add my years to your life”, “May god bless you with 100 years of health and happiness”, etc. In India Old Age is a great Celebration in itself. Even today the concept of Elder Abuse is difficult to comprehend in Indian circumstances. But unfortunately it has become an ugly fact of life even in our society.
Elder abuse, the mistreatment and torture of older people, a manifestation of the timeless phenomenon of inter-personal violence is prevalent in Indian families too. This is an extremely sorry state of affairs. Imagine, being mistreated, verbally abused, and denied proper food, proper medication and care by younger members of family. Older people are indeed in a very helpless situation with eroding social value system in India.
On the occasion of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, Agewell Fo…

Media Reports on Agewell Survey on Wisdom of Old Age