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Study on Changing Mindset of Older persons Towards Legal Justice

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Agewell's Symposium on CURSE OF ELDER ABUSE

Symposium-cum-Interactive Session on
CURSE OF ELDER ABUSE at 6:30 p.m. On Saturday, the 17th July, 2010
Venue: Gulmohar Hall India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi (Preferred Entry from Gate No. 3)
Agewell cordially invites you to
Symposium-cum-Interactive Session

Join us to advocate for Needs
and Rights of  Older Persons!
CURSE OF ELDER ABUSE (A symposium by Agewell Foundation on 17th July 2010)
Indian society is the only society, where people bless their dear ones with blessings like “live for 100 years”, ”May god add my years to your life”, “May god bless you with 100 years of health and happiness”, etc. In India Old Age is a great Celebration in itself. Even today the concept of Elder Abuse is difficult to comprehend in Indian circumstances. But unfortunately it has become an ugly fact of life even in our society.
Elder abuse, the mistreatment and torture of older people, a manifestation of the timeless phenomenon of inter-personal violence is prevalent in Indian families too. T…

Press Release about Agewell’s Symposium

Agewell’s Symposium on “Curse of ELDER ABUSE”
Agewell Foundation, an NGO dedicated towards the welfare of Older Persons across the country, dedicated its forthcoming Symposium to the older persons suffering from elder abuse. Its Symposium-cum-Interactive Session titled as “Curse of ELDER ABUSE” will take place on 17th July 2010 at Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Center,Lodi Road, New Delhi from 6:30 p.m. onwards.
The interaction in the symposium will cover the Old Age related problems and their possible solutions. Eminent representatives and experts from every walk of societywill participate in the session as speakers and share their views on the subject.
This symposium is an attempt by Agewell to sensitize the leaders, policy makers in particular and the society & other opinion makers in general to come together and raise their voice to empower the senior citizens of our country. The problems faced by the aged members of our society can neither be understated nor ignored; they need t…