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Survey On Depression in Old Age

Survey conducted by Agewell Research & Advocacy Centre  (for Needs & Rights of Older Persons)
September 2010
Quotations by Some of the old people who were interviewed
Brij Bhushan Sharma and Shaymla Sharma, both in their 80’s are forced to live alone in their quite big house located at Greater Kailash. Their sons are settled abroad. They hardly visit them, even for months; they could not talk to their sons and grandchildren. Money is not a problem for them at all, besides their good income from their investments; their sons too send money for them.But due to loneliness and isolation they have been facing depression for years. Both of them suffering from multiple diseases and have to visit their doctors almost every day.
On the other hand a 75-year-old lady Harjeet Kaur, who lived in a traditional joint family of 8 members, feel also suffering from depression syndrome. She says, “I had worked hard for the welfare of my children and even grand-children, but now they have no time for …

Agewell Booklet on "Depression in Old Age"

To view complete booklet, click here

Today's Paper » NATIONAL » NEW DELHI September 14, 2010 Inside delhiMadhur Tankha Guiding the elderly To ensure a better life for senior citizens, non-government organisation Agewell Foundation has prepared a booklet on depression focusing on symptoms and causes. Titled “Depression in Old Age”, it offers a guide to the causes of depression in old age, its symptoms and ways to overcome it. 
The Foundation has recommended possible treatment and solutions to help depressed people. Through its helpline for older persons, it receives hundreds of distress calls from senior citizens daily. It has found that 80 per cent of senior citizens in Delhi and the National Capital Region are facing problems like loneliness, isolation and little interaction with family members/relatives/friends. The majority of older persons were found to be depressed for more than one reason. 

Agewell 's Symposium OLD AGE : A BOON OR A CURSE

Symposium-cum-Interactive Session  on  OLD AGE : A BOON OR A CURSE
Under the Series of Symposiums on Needs & Rights of Older Persons at  Gulmohar Hall, INDIA HABITAT CENTRE on  10th September, 2010