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A study by Agewell Research & Advocacy Centre


Agewell is a consortium of over 1500 NGOs and 6500 volunteers spread across 540 districts of India, committed to initiate better interaction between generations and extend a helping hand.

Research is an integral part of Agewell activities. Based on interactions with over 25000 older persons on daily basis, across the country (in the process of assisting them through Helplines) Agewell Research & Advocacy Centre continues to identify specific issues concerning older persons. Recently it has carried out a survey in Delhi & NCR to study and identify /understand the problems and status of Bedridden Patients living in Delhi & NCR.


Delhi & NCR has a population of almost 2.5 million older persons (60+). In several surveys done across the area it has been found time and again that almost 4% of them are bed-ridden because of one reason or the other and require round the clock care. (In addition at any given poin…

Agewell welcome DTC’s elderly-friendly decision

“DTC fares remain unchanged for older persons”
October 26, 2009, New Delhi: Agewell Foundation, an NGO working for the welfare of older persons across the country has welcomed Delhi Transport Corporation’ decision not to change the fare structure for senior citizens. Prices of Senior Citizen’s Pass have also not been changed by DTC.According to Mr. Himanshu Rath, Chairman of Agewell Foundation, “With this decision of Delhi Transport Corporation, older persons of Delhi feel reassured that Delhi Government and Delhi Transport Corporation are taking care of older persons in the process of policy making and implementation. Sense of social alienation among older persons is major problem in old age. Due to heavy traveling fares poor older persons could not visit their relatives, friends and other places of their interest. Subsidies to older persons in the form of cheaper tickets, passes, etc. will definitely increase their social interaction. indeed, such steps by government and authorities …

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