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Mind Your Brain

Health Advisory for Senior Citizens

Aging is not a reason to lose brain ability.  The brain does not age like the body.  The brain starts to get older when you stop using it.  Remember if you don't use it, youll loose it!!!  At Agewell we recommend to our senior citizens that they incorporate small changes into their daily lives to exercise and stimulate the braiin.  

Some healthy activities to exercise the brain are:
Play word and number games several times a weekSwitch things up - try different games  or try new foodsWalk along differnt paths - see new sights and hear new soundsExercise regularlyExercise your concentration - dont sleep with the tv onAdd brain healthy foods to your dietRead as often as possibleExplore more positive emotionsThe brain can continue to grown and improve throughout your entire life if we exercise it . We want you to understand that overall brain fitness can be achieved by maintaining a variety of brain activities that stimulate it.

“Let’s Spread Joy & Happiness among elderly this festive season”

An Appeal from Agewell Foundation
The season of festivities is now. Giving and receiving gifts signifies that we care. But for thousands of older persons in Delhi & NCR, season of festivities is no reason to cheer about, as there is no one to care for them.
Ironically, many of the elderly in our society are forced to lead a marginalized and deprived life due to changed socio-economic conditions and various other factors. They have sacrificed all their comforts and happiness for the sake of their children & society, but today they are hopeless & helpless and thus lack spirit of festivity. Even during much celebrated festive season of Diwali, no one visits them, a few have forgotten the year when they heard “Happy Diwali” last time.
This festive season Agewell Foundation, an NGO working for the welfare & empowerment of older persons is trying to reach out to older persons, living in slums & Jhuggi colonies, wish them “Happy Diwali” and offer them complementary gifts wh…

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