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Agewell's Symposium "WISDOM OF OLD AGE"

Under the Series of Symposiums on Needs & Rights of Older Persons

Symposium on  "WISDOM OF OLD AGE"
21st May, 201, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
Key Speakers: Dr. Shyam Singh Shashi, Renowned AuthorProf. Shriniwas Rath, Renowned Sanskrit WriterMs. Meera Khanna, Social ActivistMrs. Shaina Haider

Wisdom is not inevitably a product of old age, though reaching an old age increases the chances of acquiring the life experience and emotional maturity that nurture wisdom. Wisdom is generally defined as accumulated learning i.e. knowledge, ability to discern inner qualities and relationships, insight, good sense and judgment. These qualities are gained and enhanced through experience. Life experiences alone give older people an edge in the arena of wisdom. Older people have undergone many experiences that help them become insightful.

In India, older people have always been respected as source of wisdom. It is Wisdom of Old Age that makes older persons respectable in the society as we…

Importance of Music in Old Age to Age well

Music is one of the most biologically significant activities in human life. It is music that integrates our mind, body and even soul. It plays an important role in every stage of our life.
In Old Age when loneliness surrounds us and anxiety level increases, it becomes a great healer and pacifier. Due to physical weakness, limited social interaction, increasing financial constraints, uncertainty of life and strained interpersonal relationships, many people find their old age miserable and their anxiety level goes up. Even amid their families, they feel they feel as if they are alone & isolated.
There are thousands forms but language of music is universal, that can be understood by all. Raga Chikitsa (Music Therapy) was invented long back in ancient India. This clearly shows importance of music in human life. Many researches have proved that in old age when some of the body organs do not respond/fail to respond, with application of music therapy organs start responding. Rece…

Agewell's Symposium on "Importance of Music in Old Age"

Under the Series of Symposiums on Needs and Rights of Older Persons "IMPORTANCE OF MUSIC IN OLD AGE"
Key Speaker:
Mr. T V Sairam, President, Nada Centre for Music Therapy
At  India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on 23rd April, 2010 

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