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Why to write and register a WILL: Some practical suggestions

Most people think that there is automatic clause in succession law that in case of demise of owner of immovable property, wife/husband/legal heirs become automatically legal owners of immovable property   - completely false. 97% persons believe so and don’t write their WILL.
Registering WILL is now compulsory for those having property in their name. Otherwise legal heirs will have to get probate/succession certificate from civil court, which is not easy to get. All our efforts to amass wealth are for the benefits of wife and children and is aimed at leaving behind a rich legacy for our loved ones - firstly wife and family members.
In the absence of proper and registered WILL, property gets distributed equally among legal heirs according to the succession laws based on your religion.  Today , middle class senior citizens have significant self acquired assets and want a say in their bequest(whom to give property on demise )  among the younger generation, there are multiple marriages, inte…

Trained Workers’ Network for Old Age Healthcare - A Progress Report

Trained Workers’ Network for Old Age Healthcare (For Slums & JJ clusters of Delhi & NCR)
In collaboration with FORD FOUNDATION

PROGRESS REPORT (As on 21st May 2011)
Pathetic health condition of old people living in slums & Jhuggi Jhopri clusters of Delhi & surrounding areas has enforced Agewell Foundation to do something for improving health conditions of old people.
With the financial support from Ford Foundation Agewell Foundation has initiated the Healthcare Project with the objective to create healthcare awareness Slums & Jhuggi Jhopri clusters of Delhi & NCR and empower older persons to get proper treatment/medicines for their diseases.
Older persons living in slums & Jhuggi-Jhopri clusters were encouraged to “Learn from your symptoms and seek Low Cost Medical intervention” with the basic idea of “Early diagnose of symptoms of diseases, timely consultation and medication can improve health conditions of poor older persons of slum areas considerably”.
Project …