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1757 : A Play in Support of Agewell Foundation

14th March at The Shriram Center, New Delhi 15th March at Epicentre, Gurgaon

What forces are they that mould the course of history? Is it ambition? Or greed? An accident, a betrayal or patriotism? Or is it mere chance? When Siraj-ud-daula was anointed Nawab of Bengal, it was all of these forces that came together to create a perfect storm that brought about the downfall of Bengal and launched the British Empire in India – an Empire that lasted the best part of two hundred years.
See history come to life on the stage -1757 (When the Gods frowned). See how the course of history was shaped by the actions of a few powerful men, and discover the confluence of events launched the British Empire in India. Proceeds go to the Agewell Foundation...Self-respect in old age. Tickets: 14th March at The Shriram Center for Performing Arts, Delhi or call +91-09243777970 15th March at Epicentre, Gurgaon…