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New Delhi: Agewell Foundation, an NGO dedicated towards the welfare and empowerment of Older Persons across the country has successfully organized yet another symposium titled as “Needs & Rights of Older Persons” under the series of Symposiums on Needs & Rights of Older Persons on 20th September 2013 at Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Center, New Delhi.

During the Symposiums Special focus was on hearing related problems and requirements in Old Age. While many of us are concerned about health, not many are worried or aware about ‘hearing’. That is taken for granted. However, as we grow older, our hearing is also affected along with other medical conditions that may arise. In India where population of old people is growing at a very fast pace the problem is further magnified.

Representatives from every walk of society including well-known Audiologist Ms. Olga Kerczynska of Amplifon India and Dr. (Major) R K Bhardwaj, renowned ENT Specialistparticipated in the session and shared their views on the subject. Ms. Olga discussed problems caused due to hearing loss in old age, suggested solutions and encouraged older persons to remain aware and cautious about hearing related issues. On the occasion, Ms. Olga Kerczynska of Amplifon India also interacted with the participants and offered them valuable suggestions pertaining to hearing loss. She further appealed to the younger generation to take care of their elders’ hearing loss problems so that they can enjoy hearing throughout their life. 

Other major Old Age related problems like anxiety, loneliness, etc. were discussed during the Symposium-cum-Interactive Session.  Mr. Himanshu Rath of Agewell Foundation said on the occasion. “The elderly love to share their experience, knowledge and love to learn and adapt with the fast changing world all around them. If in this process, they are unable to receive communication due to hearing loss, it becomes very difficult for them to cope with everyday life.”

Agewell has created this platform for the welfare of the aged in particular and society in general to correct the state of affairs and educate the society along with various institutions serving them to be more compassionate and also in the process inform the young generation of impending problems which they may have to face when they reach the dusk of their life.

Agewell Foundation, India is a not-for-profit NGO which has been working for the welfare and empowerment of older persons since 1999. Agewell has set up a two-tier network of over 7000 primary and 80000 secondary volunteers spread across 620 districts of India and interacts with over 25000 older persons on daily basis through its volunteers’ network. Recognizing the work being done by Agewell Foundation ECOSOC has granted Special Consultative Status to Agewell Foundation at  United  Nations.  Agewell has also been member of Working Group and Steering Committee on Social Sector for Xth, XIth and now the XIIth Five-Year-Plan of Planning Commission of India since 2002.

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