Press Release - Symposium on Needs & Rights of Old People

On the occasion of International Awareness Day for Elder Abuse, Agewell Foundation, an NGO working for the welfare & empowerment of Older Persons across the country organized a Symposium-cum-Interactive Session titled "Needs & Rights of Old People”on 15th June 2013 at Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Center, Lodi Road, New Delhi.

Dedicated to the older persons of the country, the interaction in the symposium covered various aspects and issues concerning old age. Ms. Razia Ismail,  Convener & Trustee, Women's Coalition Trust for Peace and Development (India) & National Co-Convenor, Lt. Gen Rajender Singh (Retd.), CEO, DLF Foundation and Mr Anil Razdanformer Sec Ministry of Power, GOI were among the key speakers. Many eminent representatives and experts from every walk of society also shared their views during the symposium.

This symposium is an attempt by Agewell to sensitize leaders and policy makers in particular and the society & other opinion makers in general to come together and raise their voice to empower the older persons. The problems faced by the old people can neither be understated nor ignored; they need to be looked after well. However, in different walks of life they are sometimes not given due attention.
Speaking about the symposium Mr. Himanshu Rath, Founder, Agewell Foundation said,“In furtherance of its professed ideal of providing an honorable, healthy & comfortable life to its senior citizens, Agewell Foundation is taking a leap forward to create awareness about needs & rights of the older persons.” He further adds, “We have felt that there is paucity in the field of providing specialized services to the elderly. To fulfill this urgent need Agewell is continuously engaged in focusing on various old age related issues and problems.   

Agewell has created this platform for the welfare of the aged in particular and society in general to correct this state of affairs and educate the society and various institutions serving them to be more compassionate and also in the process, engage and inform younger generation of impending problems which they may have to face when they reach the dusk of their own life.

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