“Spread the Warmth” Campaign - 2011-2012

Press Release 
Spread the Warmth”
(Agewell’s Special Winter Campaign for destitute old people)

For most of us in India winter may be a season to rejoice. But for older persons it’s the worst season of the year as hard weather conditions affect their health negatively. It’s ironic that many destitute older persons in northern India succumb to cold and cold related diseases during winters.

Since in old age people eat & drink less and take medicines, body becomes less able to respond to long exposure to very hot or very cold temperatures.  During harsh winter they may develop hypothermia due to their exposure to cold, which causes loosing heat faster than it can be replaced. Studies reveal that winter is fatal to older persons particularly who those suffer from chronic health problems like heart disease, respiratory problems, renal disease, diabetes, anemia or any disease that weakens the body's immune system. Even common colds and Influenza can result in serious complications, such as pneumonia, respiratory problems which could be fatal for older persons.

Agewell Foundation has been conducting a special campaign “Spread the Warmth” during winters for last couple of years amongst destitute elderly to protect them from chilling cold and save their life. This year, Agewell Foundation has targeted to benefit over 100,000 older persons of Delhi & NCR through this initiative. Last year over 30000 destitute old persons had benefitted across Delhi & NCR.

So far Agewell Foundation has collected over 50000 pieces of woolens through its collection points spread across Delhi & NCR and distributed them amongst 15000 needy people.

In its endeavour to protect all underprivileged old people living in Delhi & NCR from severe cold conditions ahead, this year Agewell Foundation appeals to all citizens and educational, religious, cultural, social & business organizations to come forward and collect woolens from home, neighbors, family friend, relatives, etc. and distribute them among destitute people to protect them from bone-chilling cold. If it’s not practical for them, they can give their old/unused/spare woolens to Agewell Foundation for distribution amongst older persons.

Speaking about the initiative, Himanshu Rath, Chairman of the Agewell Foundation said, “It’s our social responsibility to take care of destitute elderly, who are forced to live in inhuman conditions and face cruelty of nature. Warmth is the most wanted thing for them during winters.”

At this stage, Agewell Foundation also appeals to organizations, involved in manufacturing/marketing of old age related products, health nutrients, medicines, etc. to extend their support for destitute older persons to keep them warm and healthy. They can deliver donated goods/products at our office for further distribution among needy older persons through our volunteers.

About Agewell Foundation

Agewell Foundation is a not-for-profit NGO which has been working for the welfare and empowerment of older persons since 1999. It endeavours to bring about a change in our perceptions of old age while ensuring better interaction between the generations. Agewell has set up a two-tier network of over 6500 primary and 75000 secondary volunteers spread across 540 districts of India besides successfully operating its on-going programs i.e. Agewell Helpline for Older Persons, Employment Exchange for Older Persons, Centre for Research & Advocacy for Needs & Rights of Older Persons, etc. Presently Agewell interacts with over 25000 older persons and other concerned people on daily basis through its volunteers’ network.  Recognizing the work being done by Agewell, United Nations Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC) has granted Special Consultative Status to Agewell Foundation.

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