Views of Older Persons

Isolation: The worst enemy of old age

“At the age of 75, when I need family support, I am forced to live alone. My sons are settled in towns but they have no place for their parent.”
- Ashok Kumar Bhadoria (75 years), Jhansi, UP

“Neighbors and relatives often visit me, but I hardly could share my loneliness with them.”
- Bimla Devi, a 80 year-old-widow, Gaya, Bihar

“In a big family of 7 members, there is no one to whom I can share few moments. They are busy with their businesses and I am busy with my loneliness.”
- Mohd. Hanif Khan, a 69-year-old person from Mumbai

“After demise of my wife, my life is filled with sound of silence and color of darkness”
-                     Abinash Biswas, 74-year-old person from Burdwan, West Bengal

“I had worked hard for the welfare of my children, but now they have no time for me, instead they treat me as a burden on their family.”
-                     Rukmani P Iyer, 85-year-old widow from Chennai

“ I am quite happy with my isolation. I can live with my own state of affairs not on conditions set by others for me”
- Pran Kapoor, 69-year-old person, New Delhi 

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