Views of Older Persons

Older Persons: Often ignored by Political class

“Politicians have no sensitivity towards older persons. Even when they themselves become old, they don’t want to extend a helping hand towards other older persons, because they do not consider them as important voters.”
-Vibhuti Narayan Pandey, 87, Rohtas, Bihar

“Although older people regularly vote and their numbers are also very high but they are not considered a vote bank because they are not looked at as a group.”
-         Mohd. Irfan Khan, 61, Retired University Professor, Aligarh, UP

“Who has ever heard any politician ever talking about old people in the parliament?”
-         Dr. Sushila Patnaik, 66, Rourkela, Orissa

“If my children have no job or sufficient income, do you think we will let our grandchildren suffer because we need maintenance?”
-         Suman Kaushik, 70, Udaipur, Rajasthan

“Which Indian would ever force his daughter or son-in-law to provide for him?” we won’t even have a drop of water in our married daughter’s house, how can we force them to provide for us?” what kind of law is this & for whom?
-         Uday Shankar Manik Rao Kane, 64, Pune, Maharashtra

Source : Agewell Research & Advocacy Centre 

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