Include Old Age Pension under Time-bound Services

Agewell Foundation appeals to the CM and Delhi Govt.

Agewell Foundation appeals to the Chief Minister and Government of NCT of Delhi to cover process of Old Age Pension in the list of time-bound services currently covered under E-SLA Project, launched by the Government under The Delhi (Right of Citizen to Time Bound Delivery of Services) Act, 2011 recently.

It is to be noted that, in Delhi there are thousands of destitute and poor older persons, who are eligible for old age pension and other social assistance services, but due to non-availability of specific instructions to concerned authorities and non-cooperation from government departments they could not avail benefit of the scheme. Many older persons could not even apply for old age pension because of lack of awareness & lengthy follow up process. Many older persons who have finally succeeded in filing their applications have no idea about the status of their applications for old age pension. Agewell Helpline for older persons receives daily 10-15 such requests/complaints regarding old age pension.

  • Estimated Population of older persons in Delhi - 1509685
  • 9.01% of total population of Delhi
  • Older Women population in Delhi -793490
  • % of older women in elderly population -52.56%
  • Older men population in Delhi -716195 
  • % of older women in elderly population - 47.44%
  • Number of working elderly in Delhi - 338169
  • % of working older persons - 22.4 %

In view of ever increasing cost of living and particularly high cost of medication, older persons in large number need social and governmental support to meet their expenses. Needless to say it is the older persons, who find it most difficult to follow up with various governmental departments for their respective applications/complaints lying with governmental offices. It is a well-known fact that population of older persons is increasing vary fast in comparison to younger generations, especially in urbanized areas like Delhi. Hence, there is an urgent need to give special attention to this section of society “senior citizens” & destitute and needy older persons should be given priority in every social development schemes.

While welcoming the initiative of Government of Delhi under E-SLA Project, on behalf of over 1.5 million older persons of Delhi, Agewell Foundation appeals to Government of Delhi to include process of Old Age Pension under the project. This would help needy older persons and their family members in getting financial assistance.

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