Under the Series of Symposiums on Needs & Rights of Older Persons
14th Nov., 2009 at India Habitat Centr, New Delhi

Press Release
Agewell’s Symposium on
between students & their grand-parents

New Delhi, 14th November 2009: On the occasion of Children’s Day, Agewell Foundation, an NGO dedicated towards the welfare of Older Persons across the country, organized its 21st Symposium titled as “Intergenerational Interaction” in the series of Symposiums on Needs & Rights of Older Persons on 14th November 2009 at Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Center, Lodi Road, New Delhi.

Dedicated to the school students, sensitized towards specific needs and requirements of their respective grand-parents, indeed it was a unique symposium in the series. The interaction in the symposium covered the intergenerational gap and problems faced by the elderly members of the society. Representative students from reputed schools of Delhi like Pathways World School, Vasant Valley School, etc. participated in the interactive session as Speakers and shared their experiences with the audience.

Speaking on the latest symposium, Chairman of Agewell Foundation  Himanshu Rath said, “The objective of this exercise is to create awareness amongst urban school going children about sharing their time and a smile with old people. These children in turn will speak to their parents in particular and the society in general. They will also work as our messengers to the society and motivate every one  around  them  to take a stand – Let’s add life to the years and make the old age of our elders more meaningful”. He further added, The whole experience will also generate a sense of social responsibility in their young and impressionable minds.”

It is to be noted that Agewell Foundation has also initiated an innovative school Contact Program titled as “Share A Smile With Your Elders” in several schools of Delhi & NCR. It is an outreach program to sensetise school children towards older persons.

Agewell has particularly created this platform for the welfare of the aged society to correct the state of affair and educate the society and various institutions serving them to be more compassionate and also in the process inform the young generation of impending problems which they may have to face when they reach the dusk of their life.

About Agewell
Agewell Foundation was established in 1999 as an NGO dedicated towards the welfare of Older Persons across the country. Agewell is bringing about a change in the perception of old age and assist older persons to move towards confidence, respect and mutual caring. It has established a consortium of over 1500 NGOs and 6500 volunteers spread across 540 districts of India, working on improving interaction and transaction between generations and extend support and strength to millions of older persons of India.
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In celebration of Children’s Day



Interaction with:
Students from different schools sharing
their experiences with grand-parents
Key Participants :
 Pathways World School, Vasant Valley School & Banyan School

At 6:30 p.m. on Saturday the 14th Nov., 2009
 Venue: Gulmohar Hall India Habitat Centre
Lodi Road, New Delhi (Preferred Entry from Gate No. 3)
Join us to advocate for Needs 
and Rights of  Older Persons!
Agewell Foundation
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