Agewell welcome DTC’s elderly-friendly decision

“DTC fares remain unchanged for older persons”

October 26, 2009, New Delhi: Agewell Foundation, an NGO working for the welfare of older persons across the country has welcomed Delhi Transport Corporation’ decision not to change the fare structure for senior citizens. Prices of Senior Citizen’s Pass have also not been changed by DTC.

According to Mr. Himanshu Rath, Chairman of Agewell Foundation, “With this decision of Delhi Transport Corporation, older persons of Delhi feel reassured that Delhi Government and Delhi Transport Corporation are taking care of older persons in the process of policy making and implementation. Sense of social alienation among older persons is major problem in old age. Due to heavy traveling fares poor older persons could not visit their relatives, friends and other places of their interest. Subsidies to older persons in the form of cheaper tickets, passes, etc. will definitely increase their social interaction. indeed, such steps by government and authorities help older persons lead a meaningful, comfortable and respectful life in long run.”

Since older persons have limited source of income, most of them have to depend on meager pension and savings for their livelihood and basic needs. On the other hand in old age, they have to face many health related problems in comparison to younger age. Hence they need more money to address their increased needs. In the times of crisis, DTC’s kind consideration a boon to the older persons, who are daily users of DTC buses.

The minimum fare of Rs 3 for upto 4 km. has been increased to Rs 5, while the Rs 7 and Rs 10 tickets have been increased to Rs 10 and 15 respectively. Price of students pass has also been increased from 12.50 to Rs. 100. However, there is no change in fares for senior citizens.

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