Why Agewell for Wellbeing of Older People?

Concept of being respectful and supportive to older persons although sprouted in ancient Indian soil is already history. Older persons are now leading “invisible” lives on margins of family/society where strong negative attitude persists towards them and are being viewed as a burden rather than as a reason to celebrate old age as a human achievement. In absence of any other alternative the family still continues to be falsely considered as survival mechanism of older persons who in fact are struggling alone to face various situations of marginalization and deprivation.

The significant increase in population of older persons (60+) to 90 million as of now, is not new but due to remarkably lower level of interest on part of social scientists and policy makers in particular, we are unprepared with regard to organizing of services and infrastructure suitable for handling the emerging needs of invisible older persons, who are most neglected class of society.

Whether or not population aging will be a cause for celebration or a primary factor leading to a care giving crisis will in fact depend on the measures and policies which are being develop at the present time.

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